Vbrsr: low-level measurement of Wi-Fi propagation characteristics

Authors: Francesco Potort́, Gabriele Oligeri

Date: 2004, 2005

License: GPLv2

Source: C source code


Vbrsr is a pair of Linux-specific programs for sending and receiving Wi-Fi frames, and collecting statistics about frame error rate (FER) and received power levels (RSSI). The transmitter sends frames at precisely controlled time intervals, with known length and contents; the receiver checks the sequence number inside the frames and keeps a trace of the errored ones. Both the transmitter and the receiver log a time stamp and the power level for each packet, together with other statistics useful for assessing the procedure's reliability.

Validation of the tools is described in Validation for 802.11b wireless channel measurements. The tools were used to gather the data analysed in the paper Frame error model in rural Wi-Fi networks. The same data are available through the CRAWDAD archive.